• Cartoon Animation

    We offer a one-stop-shop for all your animation needs. From high-end 2D and 3D animation to CGI and VFX and video content services, our global clientele makes us the masters of animation services. What’s more, our clients come from diverse fields and industries including TV, games, the advertising world, and the marketing sector.

    • 3D Character Animation:

    We offer a complete character animation service from inception to animation to final screen presence. Our team has created 3D animation services at cost-effective rates for:

    1. Animation Series
    2. TV Commercial Animation
    3. Visual Effects
    4. Animation Pre-Production
    5. Game Art Design
    6. Explainer Video
    • 2D Animation – Flash Animation / Traditional Animation:

    From flash animation to traditional animation if a simple but cost-effective animation is what you need, we have the perfect customized solution.

    Our team of animation experts offers animations on 2D flash platforms. From cartoons to animated movies to live actions, our experts have delivered flash animation solutions pan-industry.

    We use the 2D hand-drawn animation using us in house technology to offer world-class animations. So get ready for an exotic visual experience with 2D animations done by our committed and unrivaled animation team.


    • Creative Art:

    Get in touch with our pre-production team to get your idea to life. From concept design to storyboard or scriptwriting to art direction, our pre-production experts have the right experience and technological know-how to deliver customized solutions for your requirements.

    We at 3DLabz pride ourselves on being a state of the art animation product development company developing ideas into reality. Do not fret over your character designs and animation delivery as we take care of the minutest of details to offer just the right animation solution you need.

    Our range of pre-production services includes solutions for

    1. Storyboard
    2. Concept Design
    3. Character Design
    4. BG Design
    5. 3D Modeling
    6. Keyframe Animation


    • Visual Effects – VFX Studio

    Visual effects are what separate the good from the ordinary and we at 3Dlabs offer the perfect visual effect and CGI solutions for our clients. Our highly skilled professionals work with each client to offer the right solution within their budget line.

    Our team makes it a point to listen to our clients and offer them exactly what they need but within their budget and time frame. Our team uses a unique bidding process with a range of professionals that work with our client offering the right solution at the right price.

    1. 3D Tracking / Match Moving
    2. 3D Modeling
    3. 3D Animation
    4. Rot scoping
    5. Matte Painting
    6. CG Effects
    7. Crowd Simulation
    8. Keying
    9. Compositing


    • TV Commercials

    A well-developed TV commercial can increase sales and established your brand identity, It is, therefore, wise to get your TV commercial animated using our expert services for creating impactful animations.

    We have an in house team of TV animation experts who understand the complex world of advertising. Our team works on animations for TV commercials in accordance with your macro marketing strategy resulting in a cost-effective but powerful animated TV commercial product development.


    • Explainer Videos

    Short videos that tell stories of your brand

    Looking for a short, crisp but reflect the explainer video for your company? Our search ends here as our explainer experts break down long complicated ideas and convert them into crisp videos with a punch.

    Since animations are more likely to leave an imprint on the heart and mind of your audiences, animated explainer videos throw a punch above the rest.

    Why leave visitors with stale images or boring text when you can get an explainer video for a low cost.

    1. TV and digital media commercials
    2. Internal corporate communication purpose
    3. Training and development
    4. Business and corporate presentations
    5. User guides
    6. Online marketing tools
    7. Educational videos
    8. Commercial pitch for investors