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VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) are the abbreviations we come across very often today in gaming platforms and in any technology related news — be it Audi releasing an AR app for customers to virtually view their new products, AR environments to train medical students or higher education classes coming up in VR. It is very evident that VR and AR technologies are today found in diverse fields like software, education, advertisement, healthcare, retail, medicine, tourism, entertainment, interior, fashion, and many more. These technologies are predicted to have a greater impact on everyday lives than how smartphones are influencing the current generation. They are also predicted to replace the development of applications in the current 2D approach with the new immersive 3D approach.

The Bellspire Higher Diploma in AR & VR Technologies is a unique program combining creativity and technology that gives students an opportunity to explore the most fascinating advancements in these modern technologies and choose a career in the promising field of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

The course is offered in four different levels.

Course Description


It’s a technology that combines the virtual-world & real-world by overlaying the digital interactive content on the Existing world, through three-dimensional Holographic Images to interface the end user. Most of the technologies are emerging in the new steam of scope for making human interaction more familiar with machines operation and utilization in different sectors like education, Life sciences, Designing technologies to make many efficient Humanoids. VR & AR technologies make an environment to accreditation the information, Operations & Implementation of a product lifecycle to develop the innovative and interactive human Applicants.


This course is aimed at content creators, developers, and designers who are looking to learn or enhance their skills by designing for augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). Being one of our Emerging courses, it contains beginner, intermediate, and advanced material.

Course We Cover

  • Creative designers, artists, and entrepreneurs who are looking to set themselves apart by tapping into the new market for AR/VR content
  • Interaction designers, 3D UI designers, and UX designers keen on learning how to create immersive 3D content
  • Marketers interested in taking advantage of AR/VR technology in their marketing strategy
  • Unity developers and 3D developers who want to create user-focused experiences

Why AR & VR in Bellspire??

  • Theoretical knowledge transformation
  • Practical Operational scenarios explanation
  • LMS access for renewing the session
  • 40+ hours of training and assignments
  • Industrialist trainers
  • Free Python online training

Tools used in AR & VR

VR Tools

  • UNITY 3D
  • 3DS MAX & MAYA
  • WebVR Tools

AR Tools

  • Vuforia
  • ARToolKit
  • Layar
  • Wikitude
  • Kudan AR

Level 1:

  • Use image-editing software.
  • Create 3D elements by using 3D software.
  • Develop UI designs for VR applications by using the Unity 3D game engine.
  • Create a VR game.

Level 2:

  • Collect, visualize, and create assets for AR and VR applications.
  • Add interactivity to AR and VR applications by using a game engine.
  • Build a mobile app by using AR technologies.
  • Build a VR simulation application.

Level 3:

  • Comprehend the client-server application architecture and features of Web services.
  • Integrate AR with back-end applications.
  • Validate data.
  • Deploy and publish applications in various platforms.

Level 4:

  • Develop your own editor tools.
  • Extend the functionality of the Unity game engine by building plug-ins.
  • Build and deploy AR applications.
  • Build and deploy VR applications.

Course Highlights

  • Trains on developing games by using Unity 3D game engine
  • Teaches the entire VR Game Development process, from creating 3D elements using 3D software to publishing the created applications in various platforms
  • Trains on building AR application for Mobile Phones
  • Trains on building interactive VR Simulation applications
  • Imparts practical knowledge with industry-standard projects
  • Provides a 100% job-oriented curriculum that prepares you for multilevel job opportunities.

Placement Offered

Being a pioneer in the field of digital media education for over two decades now, Image Creative Education offers 100% placement in top-notch companies with a good package.

Course Duration

  • Normal Track – 6 Months

2 hours class on alternate days (Monday, Wednesday, Friday (OR) Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday)

  • Fast Track – 4 Months

2 hours class every day (Monday to Saturday)